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Diplomate Exam of the National Board of Examiners for Naturopathic Quality Assurance

The Diplomate Exam of the National Board of Examiners for Naturopathic Quality Assurance (NBENQA), as administered by the National Board Certification Agency (NBCA,) was developed to set a new and higher standard of achievement and excellence in examination and credentialing within the professional field of naturopathic medicine. Successful completion of this exam and naturopathic certification will lend credibility to your professional standing and provide you with the Naturopathic Diplomate credential.

The Diplomate Exam of the National Board of Examiners for Naturopathic Quality Assurance (NBENQA) was initially developed in 2006 and in 2007. Gerald Nunn, Ph.D., an Idaho State University professor with extensive experience in test construction and validation, was tasked with the responsibility of producing a psychometrically valid and standardized test. In 2013 the exam validation committee of the National Board Certification Agency assumed administrative responsibility for the exam and is maintaining an ongoing psychometric evaluation process for the exam.

The Diplomate Exam of the National Board of Examiners for Naturopathic Quality Assurance (NBENQA) may be taken by -

Prerequisites for Diplomate Examination Eligibility

  • Have completed an accredited doctoral program in medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, or naturopathy, or a related health care professional field.
  • Provide proof of applicable state licensure.
  • Provide copies of certified educational transcripts.
  • Have completed the examination registration form and paid the examination fee.

Exam Eligibility via Portfolio Assessment
For a proscribed period of time (until November 15th, 2014) eligible health care professions may submit a request to the NBCA Credentialing Board of Examiners for a professional portfolio review in order to determine their potential eligibility for sitting for the NBENQA exam. Interested parties that feel that they may qualify for the portfolio review process may request an NBCA portfolio review application form by contacting the NBCA directly.

To register for the Naturopathic Diplomate examination click here.

The Development of a New Approach in National Board Examination

In 1998 the AHS testing and examination affiliate, the National Board Certification Agency, developed its first national board examination, an advanced manual therapy diplomate exam for physicians and individuals practicing health care at the masters and doctoral level.

Since 1998, the National Board Certification Agency has developed examinations for national board certification in functional neurology, medical acupuncture, manual medicine, mobilization therapy, medical assisting, personal training/sports science, holistic health care, and lymphedema technician for the purpose of:

  • Establishing measurable training and educational standards in complementary, alternative, and allied health care.
  • Establishing evidence based educational curriculum and practices as a vital professional ethic.
  • Recognizing the competency, and rewarding the accomplishments, of professional practitioners.
  • Recognizing qualified professional national board certified physicians, practitioners, and therapists.

Exam Statistical Evaluation through Michigan State University

In 2005 the Center for Statistical Training and Consulting at Michigan State University completed the evaluation and assessment of the NBCA Medical Massage National Board Certification Examination. The completion of the statistical evaluation process adds credibility to the exam and makes it legally defensible. Since 2006, all NBCA exams undergo the process of statistical evaluation, assessment, and job task analysis.

These efforts are designed to provide the complementary, alternative and allied health care practitioner with the professional credentials needed to gain access to the growing opportunities and jobs that are becoming increasingly available to competently trained professionals.

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