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The Clinical Massage Therapy Sciences Diploma Program

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The American Medical Massage Association is licensed by the state of Michigan to provide two post graduate diploma programs for massage therapists seeking to extend their education beyond their initial 500 or more hours of training in massage therapy. Graduates of this AMMA program will receive a diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy Sciences and a school transcript issued by the American Medical Massage Association. This is a clinical massage postgraduate program that requires a minimum of 500 hours of supervised in class training for program enrollment.


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Health care is among the 10 top growing professions in the country!  The Clinical Massage Therapy Sciences program will allow you to:

  1. Further develop your education at an affordable price
  2. Take your practice to the next level
  3. Work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home or office
  4. Be recognized as a clinical massage professional

Depending on which level you qualify to take, the AMMA Clinical Massage Therapy Sciences program provides either 307 or 525 hours of training in clinical and medical massage with an excellent instruction and review of:

  • Biological and health sciences
  • Clinical massage therapy:

    • Lymphedema
    • Medical manual therapy
    • Medical massage
  • Massage therapy core curriculum subjects:

    • Hygiene and cross infection
    • Hydrotherapy
    • Therapeutic modalities
    • Professional ethics
    • Business development
  • Client assessment requirements
  • Clinical forms

The Clinical Massage Therapy Sciences training program is provided to you in CD, DVD, and training manuals. All the tools you need are included in the package along with concise, clear instructions. Each section of the program includes tests to be completed and returned.

The CMTS program is offered in two levels:

The CMTS Level One and Level Two programs are only provided to students that have completed 500 hours or more of in class supervised instruction.

Participants in Level One or Level Two programs will be required to send proof of having obtained a certificate of completion from a licensed massage therapy school, or comparable instruction meeting the educational requirements in a relevant field such as nursing, chiropractic or physical therapy, that provided a minimum of 500 hours of training. Transcripts must be forward to AHS for review prior to the purchase of this program.

This program, upon completion, will provide you with 13 lessons in clinical massage therapy and will provide you with approximately 525 hours of education. This is a self paced distance education program.

Upon successful completion of the Clinical Massage Therapy Sciences program, you will receive a Diploma. Upon successful completion of the National Certification Exam (optional), you will receive a Certificate of Recognition by the National Board Certification Agency.

Code of Ethics
As a student of this program, you are expected to adhere to the American Medical Massage Association's published Code of Ethics. A copy is provided with your program. You are expected to adhere to the highest standards in our industry. If for any reason, someone has violated the Code of Ethics, that person will be reviewed for appropriate action, up to and including dismissal from the association, expulsion from this program and no refund will be awarded.

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Once this program is paid for in full, all program information and materials will be provided to the student. At the time the program and materials are received by the student there will be no refunds allowed.

For more information on the Clinical Massage Therapy Sciences Program, please contact our eLearning Director.

>> This course is NCBTMB Approved <<

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